Professional Grooming Services

for Your Pet

Animal Care Veterinary Hospital is committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy in all ways. That's why our clinic partner with professional pet grooming services. They want to make your pet look great, but there are also many health aspects a professional groomer adds to a "bath and brush" for your dog or cat. Because our recommended groomers work in close quarters to the veterinarians at our animal hospital, we look at this service as part of our pet wellness care.

A clean pet is often a healthier pet, advises our veterinarian. Having your pet groomed at either of our recommended Groomers can help prevent skin disease, fleas, ticks, and irritations. Hair that is matted can pull and cause skin lesions on your pet. Pets with longer hair also need special attention paid to their eyes, ears and anal region. 

Grooming Your Pet for Happiness
at Our Animal Care Veterinary Hospital

Our Veterinary Clinic works with the grooming staff to help them make pet care decisions based on their observations. Our groomer will bathe and groom your pet with a special sensitivity to any hot spots, or open raw areas, so as not to cause further irritation or infection. They will carefully trim your pet's nails to the appropriate length so they don't cause pain when your pet walks.

They have the appropriate supplies to brush each breed's hair and keep our tools clean so we don't transfer disease from one pet to another. Our recommended groomers will clip and brush your pet's hair to remove any mats or tangles, and pays special attention to the comfort needs of our senior pet guests.

For your convenience they can arrange to have your pet groomed while he or she is boarding with us. Your pet will look great and feel great because Animal Care Veterinary Hospital is "Where quality care and excellent customer service go paw in hand."

Call our convenient and recommended groomer for an appointment:

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